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Page 3 – 2nd Person

World changing. Your twin’s words ring in your ears, following you into the dark mess hall and around the vacant tables that sprouted the legs of upturned chairs like a herd of hedgehogs. You don’t need world changing, you weren’t looking for anything more than life changing, your life changing, but all the same something… Continue reading »

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Page 2 (2nd Person)

Page two of The Hybrid Theory. Again this is in three different versions, first person, second and third. Let me know which one you like best. Sassa is beautiful, a pale blonde vision of Nordic beauty with high cheekbones and lips the same tint as dusk. She is your mirror, apart from the eyes, a… Continue reading »

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Page 1 – Key of 2nd

The ficlet in second person perspective. Read the read the other versions (first person and third person) and tell me which one you prefer. You are Svana, daughter of Jorge and Heidi, sister to Sassa, mother and wife to none. There is a burning desire in your heart for you know not what. By night… Continue reading »

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