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Alanna of Trebond – a childhood hero

I first devoured the Song of the Lioness series when I was ten; to say that it was my favourite set of books ever is to understate the case. Alanna, the series protagonist, was my childhood hero, and not just because she had a magic sword and a talking cat. Alanna was my hero because… Continue reading »

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John Crichton – mad, bad and dangerous to know

More anti-hero than hero, Crichton makes the all-star list more for his journey from squeaky clean good guy to interstellar, slightly insane, bad boy than any other trait.

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K’Ehleyr – The Targ that ate the canary

Targ – a boar-like creature with spikes along it’s back. Generally considered to be the Klingon equivalent of a cat. At 5’9” with a forehead that looks like it could deflect a sledgehammer this all-star isn’t someone you’d like to encounter in a dark alley. Half-Klingon, half-human and a good deal more attractive than the… Continue reading »

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